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DevOps Services

Streamline and automate your workflows to deliver more value. Focus on the Dev and leave the Ops to us.


Why you need DevOps?

The benefits of DevOps can span the entire delivery pipeline. It can help you improve deployment frequency, leading to faster time to market, lower failure rate of new releases, shortened lead time between fixes and faster time to recovery.

By embracing a DevOps approach, your organization can make simple processes programmable and dynamic, helping to maximize operational predictability, efficiency, security and maintainability.

As a digital-first organization, We offer unique differentiators to support you as you to embark on your DevOps journey.


Benefits of DevOps

Some key benefits of running your business and delivering product in the cloud:


Agile, responsive, and predictive scaling of your infrastructure to optimize value for the user against company ROI


Accessibility, maintenance, and deployment of workloads for the age of distributed collaborative work and service delivery


Disaster recovery, data storage, and uptime management at a fraction of the cost and effort through automation and ci/cd practices


Security tools and protocols built into the cloud allow for close and iterative alignment and integration of security and devops on your infrastructure

Why Look for Help with your DevOps

DevOps is a set of practices that facilitate continuous integration into production. It is not a job title, a software tool, a company department, or a magic wand. If you do not adopt, learn, and implement the practices, there will be no DevOps.

If you are a business that is considering or has started adopting DevOps culture and practices in your team, the chances are you will be running into a host of challenges that inhibit productivity, team alignment, and workflows before things get better.

This is why it’s a good idea to look for professional DevOps service providers who will transfer the knowledge and dedicate the attention you need to facilitate as smooth of a transition as possible.

Companies reaching out for DevOps services can expect the following results:

  1.  24x faster recovery from failures
  2.  3x lower change failure rate
  3.  22% less time spent on unplanned work and rework
  4.  50% less time remediating security issues.

How We Can Help

Al Tafseer solutions is a provider of professional DevOps services across different industries, markets, and solutions. We are highly sensitive to the specific context and requirements of each of our clients, and will make the journey of adopting and implementing DevOps practices in your organization a joyful and team-bonding experience.


Our cloud-native experts possess years of extensive experience and have successfully managed numerous DevOps projects on AWS, Azure, and GCP.


We can build your DevOps lifecycle from scratch to smoothly align infrastructure and development into seamless workflows, or pick up the work when you are stuck with resources, expertise, or budget to maintain your business momentum.

Whether you require a full cross-functional DevOps team, or select domain experts in cloud technologies, solution architecture or security, we can provide the mix of experience and skill you will require to get the job done.


It is with you all the way. From the initial assessment, through implementation, to maintenance and continuous improvement, our team keeps a close eye on your DevOps workflows, CI/CD pipelines, and security automation, to make sure your software development cycles are short and ticking like a clock.

What Our Clients Are Saying


When you choose Al-Tafseer solutions as your service provider, you get a skilled and highly professional team. Their innovative ideas and impeccable customer service is exactly what we were looking for. They took our ideas and
transformed them into a brilliant reality. Kudos to all the team members!


Being in the development industry myself, I have worked with Al-Tafseer solutions for quite a while. Believe me when I say this, that their development knowledge, innovative ideas, and thorough understanding of IT industry is unbeatable

Quick Delivery

We partnered with Al-Tafseer solutions at the start of this year, since wanted to have a website for our business. Their team was extremely helpful and patient with us as we did not know what we want. They helped us in designing a website which was most suitable for our business. I would highly recommend these talented guys

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