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FoodChoo App
Cost-Effective solution

Designing and developing a delivery app with Al-Tafseer solutions is cost-effective and time-saving. Our development team has worked with various international delivery providers, which makes us the best choice to deal with your request. Let us know your requirements, sit back and relax and let our seasoned professionals handle the design and development process.

Unlimited options to choose from

With easy addition and removal options of restaurants, keep your application up-todate with the latest restaurants and grocery stores around you. Be in control of your food and grocery delivery application, control the rider's profile and keep track to ensure timely deliveries.

Real-time order tracking & Easy Monitoring

Customers get happy when we keep them informed about the status of their orders. We will design an automated delivery system for you which will help you in keeping the customers informed about their order, every step of the way.restaurants, food chains, startups, and grocery stores. Track the riders with ease and ensure the timely delivery of orders with our efficient quick delivery system.

Reduced Operational Costs

With the latest features like instant contact with restaurant, order tracking, rider tracking, payment gateways, and 24/7 customer support, your app will have the customers rolling in no time. Customers can place an order on the go and get it delivered at their doorsteps in record time. A satisfied customer will prove to be your biggest asset.

Better Order Management

Humans can make mistakes, but our delivery app makes no blunder. You can manage your entire system through a single admin dashboard. As the admin, you can see the received orders, available riders, and suggest the most suitable route to ensure timely delivery. With our state-of-the-art app, you can manage more orders and make more customers happy.

Get Customers from Remote Areas

For people living in the countryside and on the outskirts of the cities, having a good restaurant made food and buying groceries used to be a difficult task. Not anymore, as this privilege is not limited to just the urban population now. With our smart delivery app, you can get more customers from remote areas.

Cashless Experience

The world is moving past the need for cash. We will develop and design a delivery app that will be integrated with all the latest payment methods to offer customers a more comfortable experience. Nowadays, customers prefer paying with cards and e-wallets, we will equip your app with the most advanced features to help you capture a wider target audience.

Quality Control with Customer reviews

Competition has increased for restaurants, to topple the opponents, maintaining quality is the best key point. With the help of customer reviews, restaurants will have to maintain strict QA of food and grocery which will result in heightened customer satisfaction. Ensuring food packaging and delivery standards will help your app to retain customers.

Unlimited Stores

Our grocery delivery software empowers you to add & manage multiple stores. It has capability to manage multiple store simultaneously as our architecture is perfect and designed under the presence of top-notch Architect engineers

A complete food and grocery delivery system

Hungry but tired? Need an ingredient but busy with something? Our Food Delivery system is here to help you with last-minute recipe ingredients and food. Simply choose the desired restaurant or grocery store, place the order and let our self-sufficient delivery management system take it from there. Enjoy food and grocery at your doorsteps with minimum delivery charges. Pre-payment, e-wallet, and cash on delivery features will help you attract more and more customers. With the push notifications feature, let the customer know the status of their order and experience a guaranteed satisfaction rating from them.

How it works

Admin Panel of our Food Delivery system

The app that handles all applications involved in the delivery management system is the admin panel of your food delivery software. An admin panel lets you manage bookings, delivery boys, customers, and restaurant owners. With our super advanced admin panel, you can keep the restaurant, delivery person, and customers in sync while keeping an eye on the entire order and delivery process. Admin panel of our delivery system offers many interactive features. The main dashboard shows the status of orders, deliveries, and riders. With the admin panel, you can monitor key aspects of delivery route, addresses, availability of riders, and current order count to manage the load effectively. We can also add custom features as per your requirement.

How it works

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