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Are you trying to make your first app and have no idea how to bring it to life? With some scheduling, the process is quite simple. Technology is changing rapidly, but “How to create an app?” is still a million-dollar question. It is true that creating an app is one of the most technologically sound way of seeking new growth opportunities. With the latest app, you can easily capture a wide chunk of sales from a vast user base. The business world relies deeply on the mobile app market and integrating your business with an app is the most effective way of growing your brand. You can take the help of skilled developers who’re willing to offer their services at amazing rates. Creating an application alongside your website is a very ingenious way of targeting your preferred or new audience while making sure the previous audience is connected through your platform. In this blog, we will talk about the essentials to build an amazing app from scratch. Let us get started!

Steps of Mobile Application Development

  1. Corroborate your idea with facts:

    Having an excellent idea is not enough as you need to back it up with proven facts and figures. Your application could be either of these things, it could be a problem to an existing solution or it could be an improved solution to an existing problem. Look around your target market and analyse the common issues they face. If you are not creative with your imagination then you can’t tweak your idea and make it the best possible solution available in the market. Your idea shouldn’t be the same as an existing one rather it should offer something unique and effective. When it comes to validating your idea, research is the answer. Identify your target audience in the outline of “who”, “where” and “how many”. Find out what they are missing and come up with a solution.
  2.  Design your app:

    Wireframe This involves producing a design of your app to comprehend and work out the user flow. This step is important to portray the functioning of the app. It shows a scheme of possible actions that can be taken by a user. UI/UX After wireframe is designed, it is transformed into an interactive model using advanced IT structures and tools. This is the final design which is made using icon, graphs, and other design elements.
  3. Building the back-end:

    The third step involves building the back-end of the app. For this purpose, the developer chooses the technology stack, set of tools, programming language, platform, and final design. The back end structure is the most crucial step, as this decides how the app will perform. You can ask the highly professional app developers to choose SaaS as the back structure or a custom developed app structure.
  4. Select the mobile development method i.e. native, web, or hybrid:

    Picking the right method for developing an app is a very crucial step. These methods rely on various factors including the type of business, budget and time considerations, and technology. Below I am briefly explaining all three of these terms: Native: Native apps allow the best user experience but require significant time and skill to be developed. These apps are platform-specific. The development of native apps is costly, time-taking and requires significant experience but it also delivers the highest user satisfaction rate as compared to other approaches. Web: Web apps are developed faster and can be made in the lowest budget possible. They can run on various platforms but offer a less satisfaction level as compared to Native apps. These apps use CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript code. Hybrid: Hybrid which is also known as cross-platform is the most advanced approach for building a mobile app. In this type of development, the developer uses the best of both Native and Web practices to create an app that offers unique features.
  5. Work on the code:

    This is the most important stage of the app development process where the team sits together and works on the code. Mobile app developers work on the app under the supervision of the project manager. Different code analyzing tools are used to test the ability of the code to ensure the highest quality.
  6. Application testing process:

    After the code has been written, the QA engineers test the application. This involves the whole procedural testing of UI/UX bugs and glitches. Software testing needs to be carried out in a precise manner to catch any bugs followed by troubleshooting. All the bugs are removed during this process.
  7. Analytics tool Integration:

    Analytic tool integration is crucial to the app development process. This tool gives you a good picture of your demographics’ age, gender, interests, time when they interact with your app, and other important details. Some important analytics tools that you can use are Mixpanel, Preemptive, and firebase analytics, etc.
  8. Deploy your app:

    Launching or deploying an app requires an elaborate strategy. Some businesses often release the beta version first to get reviews from the users. Their feedback helps you in improving the app with first-hand user experience and will also prove helpful in augmenting the app with bug fixes.
  9. Study the metrics:

    With a significant rise in the number of mobile phone users, Studying the user metrics is very important. Accurate metrics need to be collected in order to generate the most realistic results. These results will help you in understanding your user base on the basis of their age, gender, location, and interests.
  10. Improvements & new features:

    After studying the metrics, it’s important to act upon them to attracts more customers. A mobile app that does not update with respect to the latest technology loses its charm among existing users. Updating your app will help you retain and target new customers. This will increase your brand reach, visibility, and value in the market. A stagnate app is a useless app. Regularly fixing your bugs and bringing advancements to the application’s features is one way of making sure your competitors are behind you.


These steps are the most common and widely used steps to develop an efficient application. These steps can vary for different cases. Al-Tafseer solutions is a globally trusted mobile application developer with over hundreds of international clients. These renowned brands trust us to bring them the most interactive and functional mobile phone apps for long term success.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all this information, reach out to our seasoned app development team, and together design a perfectly tailored app suited for your needs.

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